Thank you for visiting my site. It is becoming more difficult to keep everyone up to speed on the different forums for the different hobbies that I am involved with. This is going to be a central hub for sharing all of the content I post online. This is a new venture and I hope it works out the way I envision it. For the time being this is a work in progress. I do intend to update it as frequently as time permits. While the homepage itself may not change much, there will be other sources and materials visible in the near future. Hope you enjoy the site, and as always good luck and happy hunting!

Found Silver Cache!

My FIRST cache of coins! Cleaning the relic brought the unexpected coin surprise! Very cool railroad find! For the hunt video, please check my YouTube channel.

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Mexican Silver and GOLD!!

Mexican coin cache found about 100 yards from the first silver cache! This one had GOLD! Please check the YouTube channel for part 1 of this hunt video!

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Mid-Atlantic Paydirt = BIG GOLD!

Eureka! Found a really nice picker in this video. I was reviewing some Mid-Atlantic paydirt from the Virginia area. This stuff was NICE, but a bit difficult to pan!

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Electrolysis and Waxing

Showing you my electrolysis setup. And an experiment with a new type of waxing method that doesn't require a ton of wax to be used! Simple and effective!

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